Indie game-dev/des, amateur composer, a pro lasagna enjoyer and a masterful Canon in D listener.
(Also a passionate Garfield lover)



lmao i forgot that i had a blog

well, i'm starting to structure the story of the new game i'm making and finishing the omori spanish translation, I have a plan to start growing my twitter.


oh no

god forgive me for what im about to do



more dooooodles

yeah, i've been "drawing" today instead of making things for skool x2


drawinggg dodllesss

yeah, i've been "drawing" today instead of making things for skool



I finally caught up with aot's manga and omg fucking god isayama end this suffering already, we all know everything is going to end horribly.
aside from that i've progressing a lil bit in the base of my new game and that's cool i guess
i need to get back to making music, I haven't composed anything in a week maybe¿?


little anim i made

im learning clip studio paint and i like this animation option thingy, this one is a very sketchy animation of Apfel, who happens to be the main character for my new future game, i've been thinking about the story and the meta and everything is looking pretty good



i finally caught up with aot

a lot of things are happening, i don't know what is going on


games to play

i made a list of games i want to play hopefully soon
Off, Yumme Nikki, Cave Story, LISA, To The Moon, Grimm's Hollow, Secret of Evermore, Dwellers Empty Path, Earthbound, NiNoKuni, Omori 100%.
And maybe a Zelda game



today i drew a profile picture for twitter and it ended up looking pretty good, if you use the correct color palette (i stole one) everything looks nice
i hope this will be the definitive profile picture

ah yes, i also made a new banner but it will most likely get replaced over time


Yt streams

i know that nobody ever reads this but i stream on my yt channel sometimes, usually commented in spanish but if there is someone english in the chat i can try my best to speak some english.
after i finish the streams i immediately set them to hidden but i add these to a playlist so it doesn't make my front page ugly


update idk

i finished the 2nd season and omfg a lot of things happened in the last episode, aside from that i've trying to rearrange guren no yumiya and it's fucking hard, i wanted to make everything by heart but i always end up checking the song sometimes, i discarded an 8bit version, today i streamed how i made the orchestral version but i just gave up off camera, i will try to rearrange it in other style idk, for now i will put that aside for some time



aot after 5 years

i'm rewatching aot (snk) to catch up with the end, i got bored when the 2nd season came out because it was too boring but i've seen some videos on tiktok about the last season and oh boy this looks so fucking interesting, finally some lore

btw, i've finished rewatching almost the entire first season in one evening lmao (23 episodes) not bad considering that i haven't watch anime like this crazy since i was like 14

and i just remembered that aot was my first anime... someday i will talk about my obscure "anime phase"


no comments


wtf am i doing

I have to make a logo, a video, prepare an exposition, study for an exam... all of that for tomorrow
and here I am, spending all day trying to fix some weird shit in fl studio, not 100% fixed but at least i can start doing these things for tomorrow
anyways guys, procrastination+adhd is not good


the sketch in question

here it is, we could say that An****o gave birth to ili



fun fact (that nobody cares abt)

these two were born kinda by mistake in design class, you haven't seen that monke before because i just doodle it in my sketchbook and etc because i kept the muscle memory.
ili, on the other side was born because in a design class we had to remake the logos from our parent's companies or whatever, so i did some sketches for my dad's logo and it looked like a skeleton, the teacher didnt like it (the idea of the skeleton) but i liked it so i made him my beautiful oc


Dragon Quest 8

I made an archive of 6 gameplays of dragon quest 8 on my new main channel they are in spanish but meh, i will try to finish dragon quest 8 and record it this easter week.
Probably with commentary in spanish but i'll try to mantain the game in english idk
i don't know if i should spend a lot of time editing these to make them watchable (8-11 mins) or just raw commented gameplay (1-2 hours)
btw it would be cool to hit 100 subscribers to get my custom link (even though someone got thehirou somehow in 2009)
since i started the omori translation i got a bunch of new subs/tw followers :) that's cool



This will be like twitter but with things idk like,,
the things i dont post in/on twitter will be prolly here lmao whatever
look, i can post audio and photos and a lot of cool things😎😎
those are Apfel and ili, my new OC's . probably protagonists for my next project lets gooooo
i just realized that i can't add a lot of pages so this blog might be a infinte scrolling thing if i post too much here lol



Ok so this is now a blog

I added some kind of blog thingy to the page bc why not, doing this manually will be a pain but that's the price to pay I guess lmao idk, im not having perfect grammar here i dont really care tbh
omfg this will be so hard to mantain decent manually



✸ Omori Spanish translation ✸
A mod made by a group of translators including me to make this game accessible to the Spanish community.

✸ Hirougana ✸
Simple Hiragana learning videogame. Still in alpha.

✸ Apfel project ✸
The game that I started making. I don't have a lot to share yet so you'll have to wait.


My name is Marco, I'm from Spain, I speak Spanish, English und ein bisschen Deutsch, I am currently learning Japanese and fluent German.

I started making music two years ago and programming in GML three years ago. I also make some pixelart but I don't consider myself "a good pixelartist".

I like RPGs like Dragon Quest and Ni No Kuni and some other games like Minecraft, Terraria, LittleBigPlanet, Pokémon, UT/DR etc etc...

I hope I can get to know people that are also interested in these things!

I love Garfield.
Favorite food: Lasagna and my favorite sweet is mochis or marzipan.
Favorite drink: Punch Monster or water lol. Matcha latte is also pretty good.
Favorite game: Dragon Quest VIII.
Favorite song: Mr. Blue Sky from ELO.
Favorite videogame soundtrack: Might be from Little Big Planet, UT/DR or Final Fantasy 7.
Favorite movie: Wall-E.
Favorite anime is probably FullMetal Alchemist or Evangelion.
Favorite musician: Jack Stauber / Toby Fox.
Favorite YouTuber: Guinxu / Alva Majo / lasagnacat.

First game I ever played: Gameboy Donkey Kong.
First game I ever 100%: Little Big Planet 2.
First PS1 game: Final Fantasy 7.
First PS2 game: Dragon Quest 8.
First PS3 game: Little Big Planet or Ratchet & Clank.
First DS game: Super Mario 64.
First 3DS game: Dragon Quest 8 (Again lol).
First Pokémon: Fire Red / Yellow.
Game I played the most: Probably Minecraft.

What Game Engine do I use?: Game Maker Studio 2.3 (GML)
What DAW do I use?: FL Studio 12 Producer Edition.
Most frequently used Soundfonts/VST?: Touhou, LABS, Earthbound, Final Fantasy 7 and 8bitsf.
Program for Graphics: Aseprite, Clip Studio Paint Pro and Paint.
Program for storywriting: Google Docs.
How I made this website?:

PC Specs: Shitty HP laptop, but these are going to be probably the components for my near future PC...

-CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
-GPU: Sapphire Radeon RX 6600 XT Nitro+ - 8GB GDDR6
-RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4
-Storage: Corsair MP510, Force Series, 960GB M.2 NVMe PCIe x4 Gen3 SSD (X2)
-Storage (Extra): Samsung SSD 870 EVO, 1 TB (x2)
-Power Supply: Fractal Design ION+ 660P 660 Watt

What am I currently doing?: Making music and programming my new game. I just finished translating OMORI after 6 months.

I don't care about that: I'm doing a backflip.

Oh really?: Yes look.

I look: Breaks his neck*




And much more...



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